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Basic Weapons Awareness & Recognition

1 Day Course Certificated by Skills for Security and PS5 & React

Course Brief:

Its main function is to promote safety and to prevent injury and loss of life by getting students to 'think differently' about weapons. The carrying of weapons has become an issue of considerable concern over recent years and the proliferation of weapons in our towns and cities now poses a significant threat to people whose occupation or lifestyle may bring them into contact with them. The training course will heighten awareness to those items which could be disguised, modified, improvised, homemade or made creating a serious, if not deadly, threat to anyone who encounters them. It will get the student to understand the main types of weapons out there on the streets and that in the right hands with a little imagination almost anything can be used against them as a weapon. If the student leaves the course with that message clearly implanted in their minds it could save a life, perhaps their own.

Course Content:

For the purposes of this course weapons have been split into the following four categories:-

    • Edged weapons
    • Striking weapons
    • Projectile weapons
    • Disguised weapons


  • September 11, 2001 attacks
  • Types of Injuries


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