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Drugs Awareness in the Workplace

1/2 Day Course. Certificated by TTS Training

Course Brief:

The drug culture respects no boundaries. Most, if not all avenues within our social and economic framework face the real threat of invasion by the effects of drug and alcohol misuse. It should therefore, be of little surprise that drug abuse in the workplace is now a real issue.

The aim of this course is to provide managers and staff with the knowledge and skills to recognise drug misuse and manage drug related incidents within the workplace.

This course is suitable for personnel who need to know and understand key legislation related to drugs and the handling of people suspected of being involved in workplace abuse.

Course Content:

Courses can be tailored to meet organisational needs however a typical programme may include the following:

  • State the different classes of drugs and the law related to them
  • Recognise the common signs and symptoms of drug abuse related to the different types of drugs
  • Explain and apply the policy and procedure for seizing and handling drugs
  • State the legal, organisational and personal responsibilities regarding drug misuse
  • Recognise the current trend in the drug culture and identify the dangers and effects this can have in the workplace
  • Identify areas of improvement they will make on return to the workplace to manage and discourage the misuse of drugs


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