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Business Parks

Tyne Tees Security Ltd uses an innovative and dedicated approach to enhance savings for our Clients.

Our Secure Business Communities service started a couple of years ago in South Shields where Business Parks and Industrial Estates were experiencing severe problems with break-ins and vandalism. Clearly this had become a massive burden on the Police and local communities. It was our undertaking with the cooperation of the South Shields Neighbourhood District Council and spearheaded by a representative from these estates to come up with a solution to this problem.

Within the first year of its introduction the crime rate reduced dramatically with no reported incidents. From these beginnings the Secure Business Communities Network Scheme was born and unique details of this operation are shown below:-

A resident "after hours" Security Officer who will conduct regular foot patrols around the perimeter of the site and visit each of the clients premises that has joined the scheme. These patrols will be recorded and the times validated by the duty officer by means of an electronic control point (Data Tag), fitted to each premises ... free of charge, there are also a number of features and benefits to this service.

  • Free Key Holding Service for each client's premises.
  • Free Warning Signs for each client's premises.
  • Free mobile supervisor in support of the resident Security Officer in a marked security vehicle.
  • 24hr telephone access to our centralised control room.
  • An overt presence maintained on this site would send a clear message to opportunist criminals, dramatically reducing the risk of crime taking place.
  • The client's property and assets would be secure when the business is closed.
  • An assurance that your premises are locked down and secure
  • False alarm call outs by the clients are eliminated.
  • An instant alarm response will be given to each scheme member.
  • A possible reduction in your Insurance Premium.


Tyne Tees Security Limited holds SIA Approved Contractor status for the provision of Security Guarding and Key Holding Services